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Pheasant Hunting This Year
By Hannah Frisch
11 years, 6th grade


I have been pheasant hunting a lot this year. We got to watch one of my dad’s friend’s dog for awhile. We are still watching her. She is a British Lab and her name is Nikki. She is a great dog. She’s nice, likes people, doesn’t bark much, and is a great hunting dog.
We also have a puppy right now that we own. They get along pretty good, but Bailey my puppy likes to play and sometimes bites her ears. The funny thing is Nikki will let her bite, but after awhile Nikki barks at her. We have got a lot of pheasants with Nikki.
Even when Nikki, Bailey, and me are just playing in the snow outside Nikki is still hunting, she’s always sniffing for pheasants. She loves to run outside and find the pheasants. One time we went hunting and she was on the path of one and went into the long grass. All of the sudden we heard her biting something. My dad and I thought she caught a pheasant in her mouth. My dad said that has happened before with him with other dogs. But all of the sudden a huge wild turkey went into the air. Nikki the British Lab had caught a big wild turkey in her mouth and had it for awhile till it escaped. We didn’t shoot it because we don’t have a turkey license, but it was still cool to see.
Nikki always brings the pheasants back. I love her staying with us and I think my dad and Bailey do too! One time we saw three roosters, one doe, one coyote, and one hen in one day of hunting! We wanted to kill the coyote but it was too far away and was running too fast.
I love rooster hunting with my dogs and just playing with them in the snow. Dogs for me become a family member. They sleep with me and we play outside together in the snow. I do not look forward to the day Nikki goes back home but I know that she probably misses her owner and the owner misses her too. I’ll still have Bailey and hopefully she will become a great hunter too. I hope you all have a great rooster hunting season! I know I have!


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