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Opening Weekend 09
By Jesse Roberts, age 12

Dave Genz’s grandson Jesse Roberts, from St. Cloud finally got to go deer hunting and bagged a 4 point buck, 130 pounds, on his second day.

Jesse Roberts, age 12, over the summer went to gun training, and was looking forward for the upcoming deer opener. On the first day of the opener, he had no luck bagging a deer; but, the second day was another story. After a couple hours of boredom and waiting and waiting, Jesse's dad Tom indicated to him to look into the distance, he spotted a 4 point buck and no clear shot. The buck moved to the right, to the edge of the cornfield, to eat the bud off the branches of a tree, again no clear shot. After a moment the deer began to walk along the tree line, then he stopped, Jesse decided this shot would be too high. So he waited. After a moment, that seemed like forever, the buck moved again, he came out from behind the other side of the tree, Jesse then had the perfect shot and he took it. He watched the buck's skin ripple when bullet went its side, the deer then took off in a death run. The blood gushing from its bullet wound. He went into the swamp that was next to the woods, this is where he dropped. Jesse and his dad spent the rest of the morning getting the 130-pound deer out of the swamp and back home.

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