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Minnesota Fish Tales Fishing Report
The Most In-Depth Statewide Fishing Report in Minnesota!

View Minnesota Fish Tales Fishing Reports in a larger map

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Read Wisconsin Fishing Reports here

- Ben's Bait & Tackle
Bennet or Craig Stich, Junction of Hwy 78 and 210 (218-864-5596)

Star, Dead and Stalker best for sunnies. Crappies best on West Battle, Rush and Star. Be careful along the shorelines and access points. Please call us for daily updates.

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- Veire's Mini-Mart - Visit our Facebook Page
Dave, 117 E Benton St, corner of Hwy 75 and 14 (507-368-4204)

Call Dave at Veire's for a current fishing report anytime!

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- Timberline Sport & Tackle
Carl Adams, Junction of Hwy 71 and Blackduck Lake Rd. (218-835-4636)

Perch best on Round Lake in 5-10 feet of water. Gull Lake best for bluegills and crappies in 20 feet of water. Call us for an up-to-the-minute report with ice conditions changing daily.

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- Leisure Outdoor Adventures - www.leisureoutdooradventures.com
Toby Kvalevog and Jeff Andersen (1-855-LOA-HOOK or 1-855-562-4665

Shallow sight fishing is still producing perch and the best and most concentrated perch fishing has been in the weeds as well as small holes or indentations in sand flats if you can locate them. One of the best tools to use this time of year is your power auger and underwater camera to look for these structure characteristics. Look to areas around Sand Point, weedy bays such as Miller and Uran Bay on the south end, the areas around Duck and 2nd Duck Point, and all of the sand flats around Goose Island to start your chase. The local lakes are still producing a solid panfish bite. Fish are still being caught shallow in 7-10 feet of water with tungsten jigs tipped with a plastic or euro larvae. Crappies are all over it seems. Some lakes finding them in the basins, especially more concentrated numbers of fish, but some of the bigger ones are still roaming the weed flats. Try upsizing your spoon or use a Chubby Darter when targeting these bigger slabs.Give us a call if you are looking for a late ice bite!

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- Frankie's Live Bait and Marine - www.frankies.net
Brad, Corner of Hwy 8 and CR 77 (651-257-6334)

It’s difficult to get on the lake. Panfish are biting, but please call for up to date reports due to changing ice conditions.

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- Marine General - www.marinegeneral.com
1501 London Road, on the edge of Lake Superior (218-724-8833)

Crappies biting in 12-14 feet of water on Fish Lake. Please call us for current conditions as they are changing daily.

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- Babe's Bait and Tackle - BabesBaitEly.com
500 Kawishiwi Trail, Ely, MN, first business on the left as you are entering town of Ely from the west on Hwy 169 (218-365-6930)

The lakes are getting a bit sloppy due to the warm temps and melting snow, but as long as the entry points hold up, you can still travel on the ice. Many folks are out there every day and they are hauling home some nice fish. There's still plenty of trout to be caught, but not much time left to catch them. Trout season closes March 31st. Burntside and Snowbanks Lakes are still producing lakers in excess of ten pounds. Active jigging is very effective, but some are still being caught on ciscoes fished right on the bottom. Other trout lakes are giving up some nice rainbows, splake, and brook trout. Small salted minnows and small jigging spoon and wax worm presentations are the best bet there. Crappie fishing is getting into high gear right now as well. The amount of holes you tend to drill is related to your success rate. Anglers that remain mobile have a great advantage as a fish or two will come through each hole before it goes "cold". Artificial baits are beginning to overtake live baits as being the most productive. Small Chubby Darters, Jiggin Raps, Lindy Darters and other jigging lures are good to start with as their bulk tend to draw the larger, more aggressive fish on the initial drops. The extra weight allows you to drop down quickly, and when you're hole hopping this is a plus.

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- Fish On Bait & Sport www.habitatnow.com
Kyle, 201 S Franklin St, 2 blocks south of stoplights in Glenwood (320-634-3667)

Sunfish and crappie bite has been good with good sizes…but the bite has been challenging at times. A lot of fish down there, just have to try different techniques to get them to bite. Freshwater shrimp have been working the best. We have all the favorite bait on hand as well as a full line of tackle...along with advice and destinations to try. We also have the "Habitat Outlet Store" well stocked with some of the most diverse and high quality food plot and native prairie seeds for habitat development. Many people looking at "spring food plots" now and ideas for habitat projects to improve their property. Also visit the Habitat Outlet on line at www.HabitatNOW.com for all your spring and fall habitat needs.

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Swanson's Bait & Tackle - www.swansonsbait.com
Jim Tuller, Hwy 371 on the north end of Hackensack (218-675-6176)

We have quickly gone from winter ice fishing to late ice conditions. There is no snow on the lakes and the shorelines are starting to get soft in spots. Lake travel greatly varies from spot to spot now. Yesterday travel ranged from a few trucks to mostly 4 wheeler travel. Shorelines that have south or western exposure are getting beat up the quickest. We are not advising truck travel at this point. Perch fishing has still been spotty. Have to do some sorting but if you put in the time and do some hole hoping you can end up with a decent number of nice Jumbos. I typically fish a Northland Buck Shot Spoon tipped with a minnow head. Yesterday the tail of the minnow on the spoon worked the best for putting bigger fish in the bucket. Don't be afraid to go shallow, 4-10 feet. If you are headed to the Rainy River when it opens up we have a good supply of large rainbows (3"+) and light northern sucker minnows.

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- Gateway Store kabfishingreport.com - gatewaygeneral.com
Phil & Ellen Hart, US Hwy 53 & Co Rd 122, 30 miles south of Int'l Falls-Canadian border (218-875-2121)

The ice has ice and very little snow remains. As would be expected, snowmobile trail grooming has ceased, and the ice road is closed. Some shoreline ice has disappeared so needless to say ice travel requires extreme caution. No fishing reports this week, there were some crappie anglers out, but no word on their success. Timing for a good crappie bite looks good if you can get to your favorite spot. Perch action appears to be non-existent, perhaps time to bring the soft water for the season.

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- Lake of the Woods Area Tourism Bureau - www.lakeofthewoodsmn.com
near Junction of Hwy 11 and Hwy 172 in Baudette, (1-800-382-FISH)

Ice fishing continues for some resorts, others have pulled houses.  Rely and work through resorts.  Some resorts still transporting customers via ice transport.  In addition, here is an ice road report.  Conditions can change daily.  Cooler weather in forecast for this week.
Adrians...  Road open Monday to pickups and small 4 wheel drives, no wheel houses.  Tue and Wed, road closed to freeze up slop and potholes.  Plan now is for road open again Thursday.  Stay on marked trail. 
Cyrus...  Using Morris Point road.  Pickups and ATV's.  No wheel houses. 
Morris Point...Ice road in decent shape.  No wheel houses.  Pickups, small 4 wheel drives and ATV's. 
Zippel Bay Resort...Road closed to vehicles and wheel houses.  ATV's and portables only. 
Babbler's Road... 4 wheel drives trucks only, no wheel houses.
Long Point Resort...ATV's and collapsibles only, no vehicles.
Arnesen's Rocky Point...Moved houses closer, ice good where fishing.  Still ice fishing through week and possibly longer per conditions.
Young's Bay Resort (NW Angle)... Ice road closed to vehicles due to muddy / sloppy access point.  ATV's and snowmobiles only.  Snowmobile trail stakes on lake removed.  NW Angle Resorts doing pick ups with ice transportation.

Resorts monitoring ice daily.  Safety first.  Lake ice in decent shape where resorts are fishing.  Lots of resorts still on ice.  Bays getting sloppy.  Check with your resort if questions. Fishing has improved this week.  Mixed reports off of Pine Island with some good fishing coming in from 20 - 24'.  Morris Point area reports continued pike action as well as decent walleye bite in 26 - 28'.  Arnesen's and Long Point reporting better walleye fishing this week as well.  Some pike activity.
On the Rainy River... The word is have your boats ready.  As of today (Monday), open water 5.5 miles east of Birchdale.  Open water showing in the middle of river in front of Birchdale.  Colder temps this week.  Keep posted to LOW Tourism Facebook and fishing reports on website.
Up at the NW Angle, walleye action continues with mixed in jumbo perch.  Resorts still ice fishing.  Good morning / evening bite in 20-26' on south end of Oak Island.  Some fishing still on east side of Little Oak.  Picking away at fish during day.  Crappie action good on the Ontario side.  Pike anglers having success.  Use resort outfitters for safety.  Daily updates on Facebook at Lake of the Woods Tourism.  Lodging and river info at www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com.

Lake of the Woods Resorts

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- Anderson's Resorts - www.andersonsleech-lake.com
Tim, (1-800-516-0077) (1-800-516-0077)

Perch have been biting in Agency Bay, crappies biting on in Boy Bay. Conditions are changing so give us a call! Come and enjoy Leech Lake with us! Plan your summer vacation on Leech Lake!

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- Chris Kuduk's Guide Service - www.kuduksguideservice.com (320-630-1761)

Smaller area lakes such as Platte, Sullivan, Shakopee, Ann, Knife have been producing panfish. On Mille Lacs perch and tullibee have been biting. Contact Lundeen's or Dickie's for up to the minute ice conditions. Call Chris for a daily report. Chris will be at the Northwest Sportshow producing Outdoor Adventures radio live. Stop by and say hi!

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- Jeff Hanson's Guide Service
www.hansonsguideservice.com (763-477-8553)

"Mille Lacs report 3/20/15:
The 2015 ice fishing season is all but done now on Mille lacs with a few anglers still walking out and fishing panfish close to shore in the south bays and some boat harbors around the lake.

2015 Open water season preview:
Despite what you hear on the news, there are still plenty of walleyed and we anticipate plenty of great fishing this summer. Opener is on May 9th this year and we will be using jigs and minnows on the shallow shoreline breaks and rock structures in the 10-16' range as the fish are finishing up the spawn and transitioning to deeper water. This jog bite is a blast and one of the most fun bites of the season! The smallmouth bass bite was tremendous last year and should be no different this year as well. The slot limit remains the same for both walleyes and bass this year.  We are expecting to see a significant amount of smaller 3 year old walleyes mixed in with the bigger ones this year. These fish were 10-12" and started showing up last August. They should be running around 11-13" this year. This class makes up the biggest year class on record in Mille Lacs! This crop of fish insures some great years ahead! For up to the minute reports check out "hansonguideservice.com" or call 763-477-8553!

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- Wayzata Bait & Tackle
Tim or Bob, half mile west off I-494 on Hwy 12 (952-473-2227)

Fishing reports have been limited due to the lack of anglers going out.

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- Turk Gierke, Croixsippi Guide Service


Pool Four – Mississippi River The good news as stated a few days ago that the fish are there, they just need more coaxing on some days…Pool 4 has lots of good quality walleye right now in the river system and they are not all down in Lake Pepin. Our best depths were from 20 to 18 feet, still very light line and a fathead. There are times you can not beat a minnow and that was this past week.

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- Smokey Hills Outdoor Store, Nathan, www.smokyhillsoutdoorstore.com
19143 US HWY 71 N, Park Rapids, MN (218-237-5099)

Sunfish and crappies will now congregate in the shallow water. As the shallows fill with pre-spawn predators; sunfish and crappies are going to be scooting towards the standing weeds and structures looking for a place to hide. Maximize your chances of hosting a fish fry by dead sticking or jigging with a small crappie minnow affixed to a VMC™ “Tungsten Tubby.” Stop by Smokey Hills Outdoor Store to see the all new 8x24’ Ice Castle “Northern Exposure” and get the latest and greatest fishing tips and tricks for the Park Rapids area!

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- Wheaton Service & Bait    www.wheatonservice.com
Neighbor Steve, 912 Broadway, Wheaton, MN (320-563-1400)

No longer any safe ice around Lake Traverse. River still has BAD ice on it. We are preparing for open water. Getting our guide boats ready and setting our prices on our Wheaton Service/Fish'in Hole Lodge, lodging and fishing packages. Fishing packages start at 2 nights/1 day of fishing, up to 4 nights/3 days fishing! Call for pricing. Coming mid-summer: Fish'in Hole Lodge Skid Houses. Check us out on Facebook!

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Mase's In Towne Marine - www.intownemarina.com
Cindy, corner of Lake and Elm (952-442-2096)

Our shop closed for the winter on Sunday, 3/1. We've had great ice fishing on Lake Waconia this season and we want to thank those of you who enjoyed it with us! We will see you when the ice is off the lake!

Huge Crappie weighed in. Check out the pics!

We see a lot of big fish come into the marina each season, but this weekend we had one of the biggest, if not the biggest Crappie we've seen come from Lake Waconia. Congrats to Mark Koehnen for his one-in-a-lifetime catch! This giant measured in at just under 19 inches and weighed 3 pounds 4 ounces (and it was frozen when weighed, so it was definitely heavier when it was caught on 2/13/15). Take a look at the difference between the typical Waconia crappie he's holding, and the behemoth in his other hand! Wow. Before you ask, all we can say is that it was caught on Lake Waconia. :)


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- Walleye Visions - www.mnfishingconnections.com
Tom Neustrom, 21622 Airport Rd, Grand Rapids, tom@mnfishingconnections.com, (218-327-2312)

Travel has been excellent all winter and continues to provide good possibilities for anglers coming to Big Winnie. With the season closed for walleyes and northern pike, perch fishing takes center stage on Big Winnie. Winnie has long had a reputation for providing great perch fishing. There are many different depths that the perch can be found, but this time of year until ice out, will provide better action shallower rather than deeper humps and breaks. Tamarac Bay on the S/E side of Big Winnie has been good all winter, as areas of Raven, Sugar and Mallard Points. Depths of 8-14 feet have been best. Drill lots of holes looking for active fish and especially this time of year try smaller baits for better success. I have been using VMC Tubby Jigs and small Flash Champ spoons. I include 4-5 Euro Larvae on the Flash Champ and 2-3 on the Tubby jig. If the fish become really active I will use a #3 Jigging Rap as well. Neighboring Big and Little Cutfoot also provides good opportunities for  bluegills and crappies. There are also good opportunities for decent perch mixed in. Take care and Spring is right around the corner.

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2 05:01 11:16 05:31 11:31
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11 09:46 12:46 - - 06:01
12 07:46 02:01 12:01 07:31
13 08:46 02:46 01:46 08:31
14 09:31 03:31 03:01 09:31
15 10:01 04:01 04:16 10:16
16 04:31 10:46 11:01 05:01
17 05:01 11:31 11:46 06:01
18 - - 05:31 06:46 12:01
19 12:16 06:01 07:31 12:46
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21 01:31 07:01 09:16 02:01
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25 - - 01:16 - - 06:01
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29 03:31 10:01 04:16 09:46
30 03:46 10:31 10:31 05:01


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30 6:59am 7:37pm
31 6:57am 7:38pm

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1 6:55am 7:39pm
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7 6:44am 7:47pm
8 6:42am 7:48pm
9 6:40am 7:49pm
10 6:39am 7:51pm
11 6:37am 7:52pm
12 6:35am 7:53pm
13 6:33am 7:54pm
14 6:31am 7:56pm
15 6:30am 7:57pm
16 6:28am 7:58pm
17 6:26am 7:59pm
18 6:24am 8:01pm
19 6:23am 8:02pm
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